It’s NaNoWrMo

Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. The objective is to write your novel, aiming for at least 50,000 words.

I’ve been on the mailing list for the last two years. As at November 3rd 2014, 9.30pm I’ve written 0 words in any November towards my novel. Cue headbanging on desk now.

I had a fascinating chat with a chap on Halloween. He is in the final two months of his year of saying yes. He said it has changed his life. He has accomplished many things this year all due to saying yes when asked to do them (I can’t recall many of them, hey it was a party,) and is currently running for local council.

He is also an ex copywriter and adman and has done a screenwriters course. He was quite encouraging when I mentioned I want to write and he said “Writers write. Just do it.”

I have a habit of finding inspiration in so many people I encounter. I need to apply it to myself. I want to be the inspiration, not the cautionary tale of someone who coulda been a contender.

So as at November 3rd 2014, 9.43pm I’ve written 199 words. Alas, none towards my novel. Twenty seven days to go.


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