A Little Creative Piece

I was a bit slack over the Christmas break in regards to maintaining this blog. Yes, my Christmas break extends from November to early February. (Did everyone read my first blog entry where I mentioned my propensity to procrastination and outright laziness.)

Anyway, I wasn’t completely stagnant. I had a bit of a 25 word or less competition entry frenzy. One competition I entered involved penning a 100 word short story. I wasn’t sure what to write about in such a compact formula and then an idea came to me in the shower. It was a conversation between two entities and hopefully the last comment made the big reveal of the topic of the dialogue.

I was confident it was a good piece but as is the fickle nature of the judges of these things you’re never really sure what they are looking for or how they will determine the winner. Needless to say, I didn’t place. They did, however, print the winning entries on their Facebook page. The pieces were good, although in my opinion a bit trite. I’ve seen variations of them before. I realised what I wrote never had a chance.

This experience has taught me a valuable lesson. Research your audience. If I had conducted a little due diligence I would have realised that the particular publication has a conservative leaning and my godless creationist drabble didn’t fit.

Well, read it for yourself and decide. I would love comments and critiques!

“It lives, husband.”
“I see. It was too early, the birthing…”
“Will it survive?”
“Unknown. With little interference it should develop. It’s maturation will take an age”
“And the others?”
“None of the others have potential such as this one. They will serve as reminders; potent demonstrations of the capricious agency of fate.”
“Wife, we must away.”
“So soon? I hoped to have longer.”
“Yes. We are needed elsewhere.”
“Will return be possible?”
“Unlikely. Come.”
“Husband, this one is special; I shall name it.”
“It will only pain you in the parting, but do so if you must.”


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